Our Sacred Journey

We begin each day in our open air yoga shala, anointing ourselves with essential oils and coming deep into our bodies. Our flow will vary widely each day as we invite the wisdom of each Goddess to speak to us from within our cells. Expect a fusion of intuitive yoga flow, eyes closed dance meditation, dynamic breathwork, and other unique practices to help you access a deep reservoir of aliveness and sanctuary in your being. Life altering deliciousness.

Our sunny Greece days will consist of lounging in our luxurious quarters, swimming in the crystalline ocean, enjoying free time, and taking magical adventures to nearby islands.

In the afternoon we enter the Goddess Temple, usually starting with free form movement to come back to presence, and then coming into our women’s circle for deep heart sharing, priestess rituals, and much more.

The heart of our journey together will center around the Goddesses who will guide each day, offering their own unique portals to our healing, awakening, and embracement. I’m keeping most of this a mystery for now, but here is a sweet little taste of what you are in for…

The Arrival:
Gaia, Our Mother Earth

Day One:
Artemis, The Goddess of the Hunt
Self source to realize yourself as one with the natural world and Queen of your own domain

Day Two:
Persephone, The Queen of the Underworld
Embrace your shadow and your light to become a whole woman unafraid of herself

Day Three:
Medusa, The Face of Ugliness
Liberate yourself from fear and unfreeze the energy of your past and your ancestors

Day Four:
Athena, The Warrior of Wisdom
Reclaim your holy hell YES by honoring your holy hell NO

Day Five:
Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love
Lavish yourself in the pleasure, love, and worthiness that is your birthright

Day Six:
Hestia, The Crone of Sanctuary
Come home to the fire within that is your eternal source of love

Day Seven:
The beginning of a brand new journey of you