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Alive in This Body Now


The deepest, most profound relationship you will ever have... is with your own body.

So often we forget that BE-ing in this body is actually why we came here. We may lose, confuse, and ultimately find ourselves through a career path, creative projects, a strong mission, or a series of relationships, but ultimately our essential life purpose is simply being alive. Here. Now. In this body. THIS BODY. The only one who can ever truly promise, “til death do us part.”

When we remember this essential truth, everything becomes easier, juicier, and a lot more fulfilling. We give ourselves more permission to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We soften into deeper communion with the elements of nature as our own Earth, Water, Fire, Air. We come to realize the sensations of breathing, touching, moving, releasing, as the real goals we’re after. We remember to let ourselves FEEL the whole spectrum of pleasure and pain and make a ceremony out of being human. This, after all, is why we are here.


My Story

I’ll never forget the first time I consciously felt at home in my body. I must have been 13 and I was dancing (illegally) in a club with my friends. The environment was far from savory, but the aliveness, the aliveness was undeniable. My thoughts, my anxieties, and my worries dissolved as I let my body MOVE me for once. It felt like FREEDOM in a way I had never experienced it before and the sensation was nothing short of ecstatic.

I had glimmers of that feeling into my early adulthood, through performing arts and the occasional school dance, but it certainly wasn’t a regular everyday experience. More often than not, I lived in my mind and felt totally overwhelmed with emotional turbulence, imprisoned by what seemed to be so far beyond my control.

Then one day I discovered yoga. My journey with yoga began innocently enough, going to a Bikrum studio down the street to get some exercise and tone my body. Without a clue of what was going on inside of me, I remember crying in Savasana, having bursts of clarity, and gliding in a plane of peaceful bliss for hours afterwards. I went pretty sporadically, but that sense of FEELING GOOD was so intoxicating that it eventually guided me to devote my life to the practice. Which began, when I moved to the jungle of Costa Rica.

I remember riding my bicycle down a dirt road in the rainy season to the one open air jungle yoga studio and signing up for an unlimited package. For two months I practiced yoga twice per day with teachers from all over the world, exploring many different styles of asana, meditation, and pranayama. This immersion blasted my heart and mind wide open, and offered me the tools I had unknowingly been yearning for my entire life. From that point, there was really no going back.

That was 2012.

Since then, yoga has become much more than a practice for me. It has become my life. My gateway into the fascinating inner terrain of self, and a wild path that has led me into trance dance, breathwork, tantra, and so many other ways of communing with source from within the body.

Whether it looks like your typical asana sequence or something completely insane, my practice is my way of deepening my relationship with my own flesh and bones and remembering this vessel as the surest path to freedom. My practice is my space for slowing down to listen to the feedback that my body always gifts me and realizing the wisdom imprinted in my cells. My practice is my safe haven that I can return to no matter the weather in the outside world. And most of all, my practice is my eternal invitation to return to my own source and remember there is so much more to this life than the eyes can see and the mind can ever comprehend.


Facilitation Style and Training

My style of practice and teaching can be best described as feminine, dynamic, deep, and unconventional. While traditional yogic philosophy and asana sequences have formed the foundation for my practice, my joy has arisen through inventing new ways of connecting with the body that expand beyond any limits or labels. To me, nature is the clearest reflection of our true nature, and feeling her heartbeat as mine is the ultimate yoga. This is how I learn, so this is how I teach.

Along with my certification and training hours as a yoga teacher, I’m also a dance meditation facilitator and have trained in many healing modalities varying from breathwork to tantra to womb shamanism to sacred ceremony. My love for these many practices, coupled with my unique relationship with the natural world, shines through my unique workshops that weave together various modalities to support my participants in remembering their true wild innocent nature.

My certifications and trainings include:

200 YTT with Pavones Yoga Center
100 YTT Art of Flow with Pavones Yoga Center
DANCEmandala with Areeradh K Tri Siddha
Breath of Bliss with Christabel Zamour
The Tantric Way with Gaia Ma
Transformational Facilitator Training with Gaia Ma
Compassionate Listening with Sacred Groves
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Spirituality with Bethany Boulger
Reiki Levels 1+2 with Avani Gilbert
Gene Keys Golden Path
Fountain of Life Womb Shamanism

Plus countless hours of self study, exploration, and healing through devoting my life to personal growth and living the way of the wild, wise woman.


My Offerings

Body Intimacy
I created this modality as the natural flowering of my own home practice. Body Intimacy seamlessly weaves yin yoga with feminine yoga flow and eyes closed dance meditation, to bring us into a very deep inner space where the mind dissolves and the soul speaks.

Created by my teacher Areeradh K Tri Siddha, Dance Mandala is a path to enlightenment through free movement. With closed eyes and focused awareness, we move through the natural cycles of life and death, of expansion and contraction, to bring greater consciousness to the eternal dance we are all participating in.

Yin and Vinyasa Yoga
I create Yin practices that help us let go. Soften. Surrender to the often uncomfortable moments of life, and resource ourselves through loving presence and calming breath. My vinyasa flows are dynamic, fun, flowy, strong, and bring embodied awareness to the most relevant themes we all face in life.

Ho’opono’pono Circles
Forgiveness is everything. Hawaiian shamans knew this, and guided their communities in these prayer circles to wash away resentments, karmic ties, obligations, guilt, and shame. My personal journey with Ho’opono’pono is nothing short of profound, and I believe this work will change the world. The circles I create begin with yoga or dance, and flow into heart sharing, chanting, and finally the traditional Ho’opono’pono prayer of “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Women’s Circles
In circle, as women have done since the beginning of time, we practice sacred heart sharing, compassionate listening, loving sisterly touch, medicine songs, and healing native rituals from around the world. I often combine these with ceremonial cacao depending on the location and intention. New Moon and Full moon ceremonies include their own unique special rituals.


Connect With Me

Let’s flow! If you’d like to practice with me, the best way is to join one of my women’s retreats. For the time being, this is the only place to find me in the flesh. Stay tuned for future announcements about workshops and live events.

If you’d like to connect with me and receive updates about future retreats, events, and mentorship opportunities, make sure to sign up for my newsletter.

Lots of love, and hope to see you somewhere.

xx Camille