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In honor of the Wild
within every Woman

This is where we arrive
to remember
who we really are.


Hi Beautiful

I may not know where you come from, what you’ve survived, or who you are destined to become…

…but I do know that you deserve to dance. To lay bare naked on the Earth and to sob every weight you have ever carried. To take a deeper breath and savor it. To scream your unspoken rage to the sea and to let her water wash you clean. To whisper your secrets to the stars. To pray to your soul and to listen to your wisdom. To unabashedly sing your heart’s song. To bask in the forgiving light of the sun and to know that you are held. To make love in the moonlight. To joyfully birth and mother your creations. To be seen and heard. To feel your humanity. To know that you are loved.

I know that like me, like all of us, you are worthy.
And you deserve your precious whole hearted right to life.

Next Women’s Retreat

Medicine Women

November 16 to 23, 2019
Haramara, Sayulita, Mexico

Whole Woman


Reclaim the Diamond of You.

When a woman embraces the parts of herself that she has given away, denied in the darkness, sacrificed for another, and shamed as unworthy, she becomes whole again. She accesses a wellspring of pure, raw, power that she can channel into all of her creations and her heart naturally blossoms open in love.

In our nine week online women’s immersion we dive deep into the feminine archetypes of body, daughter, sister, lover, warrior mother, queen, priestess, wise woman, and soul, as gateways to the wild, innocent, sensual, loving freedom that is our birth right. This is a POWERFUL opportunity to dramatically up-level every aspect of your life.

Aloha Love

My name is Camille, and in my dream, we all have the right to

Ecstatically inhabit our bodies.
Embrace the full range of our emotions.
Freely share our authentic voices.
Trust our souls with unfaltering devotion.
Powerfully birth our creations with joy.
Prosper by doing what we truly love.
Sacredly treasure this Earth and our lives.
Celebrate the miracle of our humanity.
Truly feel safe.
Know that we are whole and loved.

That dream begins with me, and it also begins with you.
Learn more about me and join our tribe of women birthing this vision into our waking reality.



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    Love and blessings for this moment, this day, this life all-ways.
    xx Camille