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You Already Know Everything

You came here with a very unique, clear, and special purpose that your soul self can never forget. Your work is only to give yourself the permission to shine.

But how can something that sounds so simple often feel so hard? The conditioning of our past, our ancestry, our upbringing, and our society confuses us into believing in stifling limitations that can create a crippling fear of greatness and a resignation that leads to indifference. In essence, we have a hard time seeing ourselves clearly.

And… more often than not, we are afraid of ourselves. Our beliefs and ideas about what is ok and not ok, what is good and not good, what is acceptable and unacceptable, causes us to compartmentalize our wholeness and hide from the very darkness where our true gems lie. How can we truly shine if we’re not willing to polish away our own dirt?

In our work together I offer a sacred mirror that helps you see the highest intentions of your Divine Sovereign Self, and EMBRACE the raw power of your own darkness, so that you can more fully embody your greatest potential.

When you remember your true purpose in this lifetime, and you no longer avoid your more shadowy sides, you open a path where the impossible becomes possible and your world rapidly transforms. You remember why we came here and learn to alchemize your sacred challenges into pearls that you can offer the world. Some call it shadow work. Some call it light work. I call it wholeness that is so needed at this time in our evolution.

Well Hey There Love!


It is my honor to support you on your powerful, magical, one of a kind journey. I know that we are all in this together, and that YOU are an essential part of the whole.

I’m a leader who walks the talk, devoting my life to personal development and journeying into depths that few ever dare to enter, all for the sake of ushering the way for a new humanity.

I’m a Manifestor in Human Design (look it up!) along with only 8% of the population (we are a rare breed) which means that I am genetically designed to AMPLIFY the potential of any energy that I come into contact with. This gifts me with an incredible ability to help you innovate, believe in, and make possible what you most want to create in this world. As a Manifestor my energy is brief, but explosively impactful, which means that we can activate in one single session what it might take ten to unlock with someone else.

I’m also a sensitive woman, who has survived a lot of suffering, fear and confusion, plenty of heartbreak, many disappointments, dark nights of the soul, and chosen again and again to be responsible for my own shadows, to listen to the whispers of my soul, and to find my way home to the truth of Love.

My highest intention in our work together is to create a space that helps you trust more deeply in your unique path, follow your innate wisdom, and love yourself exactly as you are, so you can joyfully BE YOURSELF and do your work in the world.


“ My experience working with Camille has been profound and deeply transformative. She has the innate gift of seeing through a person to their higher self, and she is able to work absolute magic on that plane. I can't express how powerful it is to have someone so tuned in guiding you through personal growth.

Camille is the kind of mentor that creates this lovely network of safety and purpose around the sometimes scary inner work of reaching for higher states of consciousness and more meaningful life. I have been in awe of the ways I found myself accessing and peeling back new layers of deeper authenticity, always in ways I didn't know I was aching to stretch. “

- Jen Baranovic, Geologist

“ Camille's ability to transmit universal truth has deeply touched and transformed my life. For anyone who is looking to remember their innate wildness and answer the call of their unique truth - I recommend Camille with all of my heart and soul. She is an example of the liberation that comes when we commit to showing up in full integrity and alignment - through inspiration, she lights the way home to the true self. “

- Usha Anandi, Creatrix Womben Wellness

Work With Me


Soul Illumination Session

The more you shine light onto your higher self intentions, and clean out your unconscious sabotage strategies, the more easily and joyfully you can play your part in the world.

In this session we will work with the system of The Gene Keys, a path for awakening the higher purpose within your DNA, to help you understand and embrace why you’re here, and how you can best align with your dreams and your destiny. I’ll also weave in my own intuitive wisdom working with collective feminine mythology and embodiment practices to reveal the mysteries that may be asking for your deeper awareness.

Sessions are 90 minutes via Skype and include a full reading of your Gene Keys profile, intuitive guidance based on your current life questions, and take home materials for your path of awakening.

*Once you book I’ll send you an email to set up a session time*


Mentorship for Creators

Are you a passionate soul with an entrepreneurial spirit, yearning to make a big impact in the world? Does the thought of being inauthentic, selling out, and hustling make you cringe?

This is a practical AND magical one on one mentorship program to help you gain clarity around your vision, understand what may be blocking you from truly birthing your dreams into reality, and gain practical skills for building, creating, and marketing the gifts you most want to offer in the world.

Our work together is rooted in deep SELF LOVE, the necessary foundation for fulfillment and authentic creativity. This partnership is for the souls who are truly willing to look DEEPLY at themselves, because they know that it’s WORTH IT to live authentically, radiantly in their highest purpose.

Space is extremely limited
Contact me to discuss package options and pricing.

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