Have You Ever Lost Yourself

Attracting the same kind of romantic partners, friendships, dramas, and conflicts into your life no matter how much self healing work you seem to do?

Sacrificing your time and energy to unworthy causes and relationships out of feelings of guilt, obligation, and shame?

Holding back your voice and your creations from the world due to a mountain of insecurities, self doubt, and insecurities around self worth?

Undercharging for your time and work and then feeling resentful and stuck in a cycle of lack as a result?

Having messy unclear boundaries that attract co-dependent and unhealthy relationships?

Failing to let go of what clearly does not serve you because you’re too afraid of the emptiness of the unknown?

Feeling jealousy, inadequacy, judgement, and resentment towards other women?

Being afraid of your own power and the intensity of your emotions and either repressing them or dumping them out onto others, or maybe a messy combination of both?

Pretending to be smaller than you actually are in your work, relationships, and your expression in the world?

The answer is always Self Love.