Our Sacred Heart Journey

During our week together, we journey as Priestesses of Mayan mother goddess Ixchel, turning to the seasons of life, the elements of nature, and the spirits of nature as whispers of our own inner knowing, and the power of our wombs to rebirth us through our life transitions. We look to the mirrors of the eagle, the snake, the jaguar, and the hummingbird, for greater wisdom on our unique paths. We imbibe the sweet tender heart medicine of Ixcacao, Mayan goddess of abundance and sustenance, and we dive deeper into ourselves through inspired movement practices and sacred ceremony.

Day One: Earth
We begin with our relationship with our bodies and mother Earth, our connection with the feminine, goddess, mother, sensuality, wildness, home, and the shadows of separation and lack. We reclaim our rights as children of this Earth and to receive the bounty of being alive.

Day Two: East
Into the heart of our maidenhood, our childhood years, our innocent nature, and the possibility of new beginnings, our hopes and dreams, our destiny. We step into the shadows that keep us from fresh possibilities and that sabotage our new growth, seeing the avoidance or victimhood that traps us in immaturity. We reclaim our shadows as the seeds for our growth and we allow our wounds to ripen us into a greater blossoming of our potential.

Day Three: South
We journey into our teenage years, our passion, times of transformation, guided by the snake and the awakening of our sexual desire. We face our shadows of guilt and shame and seeming loss of innocence and offer ourselves the sweet nectar of unconditional love. We harness our inner fire as our ally in alchemizing our darkness into our gold that we can offer ourselves and the world.

Day Four: West
Guided by the jaguar we midwife ourselves into motherhood, and this sacred time of creativity. We embrace our emotional flow as essential for our evolution and fulfillment, we allow ourselves to deeply feel, to grieve what has fallen away from us, and open ourselves to receiving even more in this life.

Day Five: North
We dive now into the underworld, to the unknown, the place of death and rebirth, and turn to the bones of our ancestors to help guide us through. We strengthen our connection with our own Soul and open into the ultimate freedom through facing our greatest fears. We strip away the inessential to remember who we really are and from that space we can begin anew.

Day Six: Sky
Rising up from the underworld we open into the highest light of who we truly are. We embrace the essence of our soul, the untaintable emanation of love that survives every death. We face the shadows of spiritual bypassing and dissociation to reclaim all parts of ourselves as divine, sacred, and whole.