What Does Your Heart Say?

Ultimately it comes down to the heart, and trusting the inner yes that always guides us to our highest destiny. Drop the mind. Soft breath, one hand on your heart one hand on your womb. Feel. Is this what your magnificence is calling you towards?

You so deserve it love.

*Early Bird pricing until February 18, 2019, Save $250!*

$2850 ($3100 after 2/18) for shared double
$3050 ($3300 after 2/18) for shared double oceanview
$3050 ($3300 after 2/18) for small private
$3450 ($3700 after 2/18) for private ocean view
$3650 ($3900 after 2/18) for private with private bath
$3850 ($4100 after 2/18) for private ocean view with private bath (SOLD OUT)

$750 nonrefundable deposit required to confirm your space.

Payment in full by February 25th OR monthly payment plan available!

Please come ready to dive deep, with an open, willing heart, in physical shape to practice yoga and dance twice daily, and with the empowerment to take full responsibility for your uniquely perfect experience.

Our magic island is located just two hours by boat from Mykonos, nearest airport in Naxos.


Write to me love@camillewillemain.com if you have any questions at all! Hope to see you there Goddess :)