We Came Here to Live

To delight in the riches of the Earth. To bathe in the ocean, to sip sweet nectar from the flowers, to bask in the sunlight, to flow with the moon, to rest with trees. To be intoxicated by the beauty of our sensual bodies. To dance all the way down into our bones, to savor our sensations and emotions, and to choose our beloveds from authentic devotion. To trust our inner wisdom, to create with heartfull abandon, to shine as our unique precious diamond light. To share this treasure with one another, offering our gifts, effortlessly prospering, blossoming into our fullness, totally, whole heartedly, alive.

And yet…
We settle.

We compromise for far less than our hearts desire and deserve. We forget to live in beauty and instead we dwell in environments that deprive us of the essential nourishment we need to thrive. We sell our souls to busyness that robs us of our vital life force. We allow in lovers and relationships that degrade and diminish the flame of our love. We stifle our voice out of shame of bigness or fear of smallness, withholding from the world the very gifts we came to ecstatically offer. We deprive ourselves of our own shining belief. Somehow, we become stones, forgetting that we are actually golden stardust.

we deserve better!

We have reached a time in our evolution where we’ve come to reclaim our diamond selves. This is much more than a women’s empowerment movement, this is a planetary rebirth into a higher frequency of sacredness, magic, and Heaven on Earth. What could be more precious than that?