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Heart of the Maya

November 9 to 16, 2019
Sian Ka’an, Mexico

Join us for a week of Women’s Wisdom, Full Moon Magic, and Authentic Love in the Wild Sian Ka’an Biosphere on the Mayan Rivieria


Welcome Home to Your Magic

Hi sister.

Have you been longing to feel, deeply feel, the sacred pulse of creation in your bones? To dance your wild woman dance of freedom? To be seen and held by your sisters who exalt you in your highest light? To pray to the Earth and know your infinite connection with your own Source? To love and treasure allllll parts of you? To come home to your very own heart?

Have you been longing to re-member who you really are?


Your Invitation

For seven days and seven nights, on the white sand shores of the Mayan Riviera, surrounded by nothing but jungle for miles and miles, we will re-awaken the magic, the secrets, and the wisdom that women have known since the beginning of time.

Journeying around the sacred medicine wheel, calling in the Mayan Goddess Ixchel, and the powerful Jaguar totem, we will re-member the magical child, the sensual maiden, the fierce mother, and the wise witch within all of us, uniting our bodies and souls in love.

This will be an unforgettable week of true sacredness, authentic sisterhood, mind blowing practices, deep self reclaiming, and joyous playtime in wild tropical paradise. Be prepared to rapidly transform, to fall in love with your humanness, and to remember yourself at the deepest level.


Our Sacred Journey

Each morning in Sian Ka’an the sun rises up from the Caribbean ocean, painting the sky and the sea in shades of lavender and pink. We begin our day in our open air yoga shala, offering our heart intentions and coming deep into our bodies.

Our practices will center on each side of the wheel (North, East, South, West, Earth and Sky) to help us activate these essential energies within ourselves. Expect a fusion of intuitive yoga flow, eyes closed trance dance meditation, dynamic breathwork, and other unique practices to help you access a deep reservoir of aliveness and sanctuary in your being. This is about be-coming more and more you.

With our sanctuary deep in the biosphere south of Tulum, we are in a magical playground of jungle, lagoons, Caribbean beaches, and cave cenotes. There will be plenty of time for long beach walks and self reflection, and also some adventures to special nature spots.

In the afternoon we come into our cacao ceremony (medicinal drinking chocolate for opening the heart), sharing our hearts through song, speaking our wisdom, dancing, and receiving the medicine of the land. We will also have a powerful Temescal (Mayan sweatlodge) rebirth ceremony, guided by a local shamaness. AND a magical full moon ceremony!

Our home has access to the biosphere lagoon, where we can sit on our private dock and watch the birds in the mangroves at sunset, then dine out on our deck under the stars and let the waves sing us to sleep.



Our Heaven on Earth Sanctuary

Miles from civilization, our luxurious villa Casa Maya Kaan sits in the middle of the Sian Ka’an biosphere. This is an unspoiled ecological reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, along Mexico’s Riviera Maya, just 12 Km South of vibrant Tulum.

We have the Caribbean ocean at our doorstep, and the mangroves in our backyard. This is a true paradise with deserted beaches for miles, a starry night sky, and space to deeply connect with your innermost self and one another.

We have huge spaces for lounging and connecting inside of of our gorgeous home, a big deck with outdoor seating, big cozy beach loungers in front of the ocean, outdoor glamping tents, and indoor bedrooms with private bathrooms. PLUS we have a gourmet private Mexican chef who will nourish us with delicious and healthy locally sourced meals.

 What’s Included

7 nights accommodation

Luxuriate yourself in our stunning villa with spacious rooms and bathrooms, and huge common areas for lounging and connection. Or connect down with the earth in our beautiful glamping tents just beside the house in our garden. Everyone has access to our incredible house with many common areas.


Healthy gourmet meals

We’re here to nourish your body and soul with the most delicious vibrant food in Mexico, prepared by our in house private chef. Mouth watering tropical fruit, bowls brimming with guacamole, and all the flavors of Mexico adapted to healthy Goddess serving recipes.


Daily Embodiment Practices

We go deep to seek our truth and liberate our essence. All of our practices are Body Intimacy, a unique modality I personally developed over years of practice, that weaves multi-dimensional yoga, transcendental dance, breathwork, priestess rituals, and deep intimacy with your flesh and bones. Women describe our practices as nothing short of mind blowing.


Daily women’s circles and ceremonies

Each day we will come together in sacred sisterhood, in circle as women have done for eons, to share our hearts and our wisdom with one another. Ceremonies will vary and include: Cacao Ceremonies, Full Moon Beach Ceremony, and Mayan Rebirth Ceremony.


Mayan Temescal Ceremony

We will enter back into the womb of the Earth through the traditional Mayan sweatlodge ceremony called “Temescal.” In the temescal we sweat our prayers, commune with the ancestors, release layers upon layers of suffering, and receive tremendous wisdom for our journey ahead. Leave reborn.

Magical excursions

Nature is the clearest reflection of our truest selves, and we will connect with the magical gorgeous paradise land that surrounds us. Our home is a playground in and of itself, with our location in the biosphere, but we will also have some magic excursions to special sacred cenotes and ruins.


Genuine LOVE

We create an environment of real deal FAMILY, TRIBE, CONNECTION, and SISTERHOOD. This is a space where you can truly be yourself and fall in love with the women opening their hearts right beside you. Our highest intention is to support one another in birthing more love into the world. Everything we do is for Love.


Our Practices

You already know everything. All of the answers live inside of you. Your body is the ultimate guide in bringing you deeper and deeper into your wisdom and your highest potential.

This is the foundation for ALL of our practices. Handing the power back over to you, your body, your soul, your heart, your wisdom. Dancing back into union all parts of you, supporting you on your path to becoming a fully integrated, whole, open hearted, sensually awakened, human being.

Our practices are DEEP. Delicious. Awakening. And unconventional. Expect the unexpected. A fusion of eyes closed dance meditation and sensual feminine intuitive flow with a sweet dose of deepening yin and restorative. We practice through ceremony. Sharing our wisdom in circle as women have done for many many many eons. All, all-ways, with the intention of being more authentically ourselves, and more fully in love with our human experience.

A taste of the practices we will share…

Awakening eyes closed dance meditation
Intuitive feminine yoga flow
Healing yin and restorative yoga
Women’s circles with authentic sharing and songs
Cacao ceremonies for opening the heart chakra
Vision quests and energy healings
Breathwork ceremonies for connecting with your higher self
Mayan sweatlodge ceremony for rebirth with local shamaness
Full moon beach ceremony

LAORATORIO409 copy.jpg

Get Ready For


In a world where so many have forgotten the essential gift of magic, we are here to remember it back to life. Our stunning environment reminds us of the magic of the natural world, and our sacred practices remind us of the magic within us. Magic is essential for bliss.


This is the real deal. Our practices, circles, and environment supports you in letting go of your masks so you can become the full expression of who you really are. Liberation!


We stay in a gorgeous sanctuary, we swim in crystal clear turquoise water, we nourish ourselves with the most vibrant healthy food, and we pour our entire heart and souls into every moment. So much intention, love, and energy goes into the creation of this retreat, to luxuriate you with the absolute best of the best, because this is what you deserve!


We know that tenderness is the great secret to opening the heart, and softly melt ourselves and one another in this pillowy bubble of love. Expect deep heart sharing, family dinners under the stars, snuggles on the sofa, and so much warmth and connection.


We are here not only to grow, but to ENJOY! To CELEBRATE this divine gift of being human and alive! We infuse our days with lots of childlike joy to remember the essence of who we truly are. Mermaiding in the Caribbean Sea, playing in the jungle, dancing and singing for the pleasure of it, and taking magical adventures together.


We go deep. Within ourselves and with one another. You can expect to touch places inside of yourself that you have never touched before, with the most magnificently loving glowing self illuminating healing.


Expect a quantum leap in self growth and perception of what’s possible for you. No words, you simply have to experience it.


Ultimately, we do what we do for love. Our highest intention is to bring more love into the world by creating a week that reminds us all how much love we deserve. We begin with ourselves, we expand into one another, we grow into our sacred circle, and we anchor this love within us to birth it more fully here on Earth.

About Your Facilitator


Aloha love, I’m Camille and I’ll be creating and guiding our week together.

My highest intention is and always has been to know myself as the same beauty I feel on deserted beaches at sunset under a crescent moon, to feel ecstatically alive in my body, to dance as a lover of the great mystery, to truly see others and be seen in my humanity, and to live as a reminder to the world that anything is possible and we are capable of absolute miracles.

Together we create a week of living the Heaven on Earth that we dream of, so we can leave and more fully embody that beauty into the world. My passion is falling more deeply in love with my human body and my infinite soul, and supporting women in doing the same.

I have guided many women into their depths and their light through retreats in Costa Rica and Thailand, our women’s mysteries school Whole Woman, our online transformation group The Freedom Tribe, and I have served millions with my blog This American Girl. My life’s work is to inspire women to live more fully in love with their bodies, one another, Mother Earth, and the mysterious gift of life.  

My background and studies include Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, DANCEmandala meditation, Tantra, Reiki energy healing, Breath of Bliss breathwork, shamanic healing, women’s circles, compassionate spaceholding, cacao ceremony, Gene Keys Golden Path, and too many to name here!


Testimonials from Past Retreats

“On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 100! I feel like a new woman, so much more in touch with my emotions and feelings and with a stronger voice. It left an impression on me that I will take with me for my lifetime.”

“To call it a retreat really doesn’t do it justice. I’ll call it an arrival. An arrival to the self, to nature, to community, to your truth. Be ready to show up in ways you never knew you could, to transcend your limitations and to fall madly in love with life.”
- Sonja, Pilates Instructor

“Camille really pulled out all the stops to make this a week you will never forget! It transcended anything I thought it was gonna be.”
– Anne-Elise, Yoga Teacher

“It was magic and exactly what I needed in life! Camille knows how to touch your soul through her teachings and encourage that healing process so we can become the best version of ourselves. ”
– Krista, Life Coach

“12/10. I am forever changed and transformed more in a matter of a week than I could have ever imagined going into the experience.”

“From the opening to the closing ceremony, Camille guided us into a safe haven of sisters where I was able to explore my deepest thoughts, awaken my inner child, rejuvenate my soul, and ultimately, discover my bliss.”
– Sarah, Designer

“10 out of 10. It was spiritual, enlightening, adventurous, and all-around fabulous. I feel like I loved more in that week than I did in the past year.“

“The whole retreat experience was absolutely insane! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would fall in love with every single person who came together in this group, open up and show so much of my vulnerable self, grow and transform faster than I could comprehend, all in a week! If I could change anything, it would be that I wish it didn’t have to end.”

“Going (on this retreat) has been the best decision I could have ever made. I knew the retreat would change my life, but I couldn’t possibly imagine that it would be in that scale. My heart, eyes and mind have been expanded to a whole new dimension. Everything about the retreat is simply magical.”
-Letizia, Yoga Teacher

“The overall experience is beyond words for me. I can’t think of anything I wish was different, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far.”


What Does Your Heart Say?

If you’re ready to dive deep into your heart, to liberate your body, mind, and spirit, to re-awaken your inner magic, to remember the sacredness of Mother Earth, and to share authentic love in our group of sisters, we’d be honored for you to join us!

Price includes meals, accommodation, daily practices, ceremonies, transportation to and from Tulum, and some magical group excursions.

**Early Bird $400 off if you book before July 15th!!**


Private Indoor Ensuite Room - $3650 (1 Spot)

Double bedroom with independent entrance, air conditioning, and ensuite bathroom. It is located on the ground level of the property and is smaller than the top level floor guest suites, but still with an excellent view of the garden and beyond, through the forest to the ocean.

**Price increases to $4050 after July 15th!**


Shared Indoor Ensuite Room - $3450 (4 spots)

Luxurious room with two big beds, couches for lounging, private terrace, air conditioning, and your own ensuite bathroom. Prices are per person, and maximum two people per room (one for each bed). Best option for those who want comfort from the outdoors and climate controlled environment.

** Price increases to $3850 after July 15th! **


Private Outdoor Glamping Tent - $3050 (4 spots)

Outdoor luxury glamping tent all for yourself in the heart of nature. Tent has queen size bed and ncludes comfortable shared bathrooms and showers. Best option for those who want privacy and magical connection with nature.

** Price increases to $3450 after July 15th! **


Shared Outdoor Glamping Tent - $2650 (5 spots)

Outdoor luxury glamping tent shared with one other sister. Tent has two single beds and includes comfortable shared bathrooms and showers. Best option for those who like the sleepover vibe and who want the most cost effective room choice.

** Price increases to $3050 after July 15th! **


Write to me if you have any questions at all! Would love to share this magical week with you xx