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I am a human devoted to living in beauty and magic, every single day.

I’m a dancer, a writer, an artist, a yogini, a traveler, a nature goddess, a business woman, and a powerful manifestor of unconventional dreams. I’m a daughter, a sister, a lover, a mother of creations, a Queen of my own domain, a Warrior of the light, a wise woman, and like all women I am far too much to ever name.

My highest intention is and always has been to know myself as the same beauty I feel on deserted beaches at sunset under a crescent moon, to feel ecstatically alive in my body, to dance as a lover of the great mystery, to truly see others and be seen in my humanity, and to live as a reminder to the world that anything is possible and we are capable of absolute miracles.

My path has been an unusual one, taking me from corporate USA into the jungle of Costa Rica, and all over the world several times over with nothing more than a backpack and my own self belief. I’ve written a blog read by millions of people, made five figures in one day, sold out retreats within 24 hours, and made a business that supported my paradise lifestyle out of nothing.

I’ve been reborn in native sweat lodges, channeled my ancestors out alone in the wilderness, had reunions with ascended masters, spontaneously astral traveled into past lives, reached “enlightenment”, lost “enlightenment”, trained in yoga, tantra, trance dance, sacred femininity, womb shamanism, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, and had more spiritual awakenings and upgrades than I can name.

I’ve made my fair share of “mistakes,” been heartbroken plenty of times, questioned my own self worth, done weird things for attention, hurt myself and others, wondered if I’ll die alone, felt like a victim, thought I might actually be insane, pretended to be less than I am, worried about money, thought nothing was good enough for me, been ashamed of my body, and experienced the full range of human anxieties, fears, emotions, and shadows, just like everyone else.

And yet… I have chosen again and again to pick myself up, to believe in something greater, to pray to my soul, to heal with the Earth, to unravel my deepest wounding, to sit with my darkest fears, to listen to my courageous heart, to believe in my intuition, to challenge my illusions, to take huge risks, and to prove to myself that everything actually is possible as long as we align with Love.

My highest hope and wish in this lifetime is that all beings remember who they are truly are, so we can fully celebrate this human experience, receive the treasures of our greatest destiny, and live in whole hearted communion with our Mother Earth.

Sounds good, hey? 

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