Your Simple Purpose


What is your life’s purpose?

All too often we equate our purpose with some kind of achievement that validates our worthiness of being alive. But true purpose is actually so much more attainable than any of that.

Your purpose lives in the tiniest of things. In the moments when you stop and listen to the symphony of nature. When you appreciate the buds of a delicate flower. When you pull over on the side of the road to feed horses a handful of grass or let a dog adopt you on a long walk on the beach.

Purpose offers itself wholeheartedly whenever you pause and appreciate the sweetness of the simplicity of this moment.

You needn’t write a novel nor get a million followers nor build anything of any importance to actualize your life’s purpose. Your life purpose is here right now. It’s this very moment.

If you find yourself restless and unfulfilled, you need only open your heart to the sweet nectar of being alive right here right now in this moment.

That’s your purpose.

Camille Willemain-Green