The Unseen Depths


When we make the courageous move to dive into unseen depths we must be willing to let go of everything. Some of it simply falls away, some of it holds on for dear life, and sometimes we are so afraid of the dark unknown that we grasp at the old threads and reach for anything familiar. But eventually, if we are bold enough to keep swimming, we enter a space where the past just can’t survive anymore. We enter the space of nothing and no one. This space is lonely, terrifying, and tremendously beautiful. It’s empty, dark, and full of potential.

Here, we patiently wait until our next life begins to take form. Weaving together the pieces without necessarily knowing the overall picture. Trusting the unknown beauty and magic that has yet to reveal herself. Learning to understand that it is also safe to be here in the dark.

Camille Willemain-Green