Blossom Back to Life


You don’t have to be in a vibrant jungle to love the Earth. Love the earth you are standing on now.

If it’s a tiny flower sprouting up from the cracks in the concrete or a flourishing rose garden, love the Earth. If it’s a ladybug on your apartment wall or a sky filled with scarlet Macaws, love the Earth. If it’s a streak of color behind a cover of clouds or an entire horizon set on fire, love the Earth.

Wherever you are in the world the moon still rises, the sun still sets, the wind still blows, and the ground still holds you. You always have a right to love the Earth.

Sing to her, kiss her, weep in her beauty, smile in her image, there are a million ways to love the Earth. This is how we blossom everything back to life.

Camille Willemain-Green