So... You Weren't Perfect.


So… you weren’t perfect.

You overracted.
You spoke out of turn.
You said too much.
You outed your crazy.
You gossiped.
You judged.
You acted like you didn’t care.
You scared and pushed people away.
You tried to force.
You hurt someone you love.
You disrespected others.
You dishonored yourself.
You leaked out your power.
You compromised yourself.
You were desperate and insecure.
You humiliated yourself.
You (GASP!) gained weight.
You picked your skin.
You harmed yourself.
You treated yourself with less than you deserve.
You lost your way in the panic of it all.

And yet…

Don’t you still deserve to dance?
To sing with the sounds of the forest?
To cry all of your sorrows to the moon?

Don’t you still deserve to stroke your own skin?
To melt a square of chocolate on your tongue?
To delight in this gift of being alive?

Don’t you still deserve to laugh until your tummy aches?
To spin in circles til you’re dizzy?
To get over it over and over again?

Don’t you still deserve to be held by your brothers and sisters?
To see yourself as an innocent child?
To forgive and be forgiven?

Don’t you still deserve to look yourself in the mirror
After all that you’ve survived
And still say
”I love you”?

Don’t you still deserve to love?

No matter who you are
No matter what you’ve done
Don’t you still deserve to love?

Camille Willemain-Green