Love Yourself. That is the Secret to Everything.


Free yourself from the idea that you should always be your best.

Sometimes life doesn’t want you at your best. Sometimes life wants you at your worst, just so that your worst has the opportunity to be loved.

Life is not about behaving perfectly all of the time, always appearing shiny to others, or never experiencing inner turbulence. Life is an irrationally compassionate force continually refining your ability to cradle the wounded parts of you purging their way out of the darkness and into your light. Teaching you to tenderly address your discomfort with understanding. And gifting you with the ability to clearly see and reflect the beauty and humanity in another when they too are in a difficult moment.

I think our greatest suffering comes not from being in the depths of our wounding, but from thinking that we are not supposed to be there. From judging our experience as anything other than exactly meant to be. From forgetting that God(dess) is still here in this moment.

But what an opportunity!! What a space ripe with the potential to illuminate the shadows that still feel separate from Source. These dark nights of the soul are in fact the most exquisite beginnings, asking us to come closer, to get more intimate with our human suffering, so we can realize ourselves more than ever before. And it is so, so, deeply uncomfortable. 

When this discomfort arises the best we can do is slow down, breathe, and hold ourselves in a way that says, “It is safe for you to be here.” “Beloved, I haven’t left you. I am still here.” “Tell me where it hurts. Tell me everything. I want to feel you. I want to know you.” Learning to become the voice, the touch, the listener, and the presence of God(des) who might not fix it, but who makes everything ok. In doing so we re-member who we really are.

This Divine Union within, between inner mother and inner child, inner masculine and inner feminine, inner shiva and inner shakti, is the foundation for coming into right relationship with ourselves, our lovers, our friends, our children, our parents, our communities, our creatures, our Earth, our great fabric of creation.

Love yourself. That is the secret to everything.

Camille Willemain-Green