Light the World on Fire


Love is a fire inside.
It grows in spaciousness where it can breathe.

How often do we choke this flame by following the path of should, filling ourselves with things that don’t actually feed us, listening to outside opinion, saying yes when we mean no, sacrificing ourselves for others who don’t want/deserve/require it, judging what we most deeply want, betraying ourselves to be pleasing, and dishonoring the God(dess) within? How often do we sell our souls for the utterly inessential?

In doing so we forget what IS essential: our own whole hearted Self devotion. Our own luminous self belief. Our own will offered in service of the precious light we all contain.

True love can only blossom when we reprioritize our unique light as the most important Source of our needs. This flame is your most precious asset. It is the sacred essence of your soul. No one and no thing you could ever sacrifice your Self for can offer you this.

Place your fire at the center of the altar of your heart. Become its devoted guardian even in the harshest of winds. Come home to its warmth whenever you feel distracted or lost. Make the life affirming choices that fan the flames of your love.

You are the only one you promised your life to. You didn’t come here to please or appease. You came here to light the world on fire.

Camille Willemain-Green